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Community Associations

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Jacksonville firm assists homeowner and condominium boards

Community and condominium associations are charged with protecting groups of property owners but are often challenged by residents who can easily become emotional about issues relating to their homes. In most cases, association leadership is comprised of volunteers or individuals who have other responsibilities. Taking action in accordance with community agreements and relevant Florida laws is a complicated task, and a single error can place boards, officers and other homeowners at risk. Franson | Iseley | Fugitt is an accomplished Jacksonville law firm that is well-versed in chapters 718 and 720 of the Florida Statutes, which cover condominium and homeowners associations, respectively. Our firm can spot concerns that you might not be aware of and relieve your burden if a conflict occurs.

Skillful lawyers offer counsel on rule establishment and enforcement

We represent governing boards, management companies, condominium and co-op leadership, and other types of homeowner associations in matters pertaining to:

  • Declaration and bylaw review and interpretation — The investment of time and attention that goes into the development of clear, enforceable rules is rewarded for many years to come. Whether you're looking to draft bylaws and declarations or you require review or interpretation of existing provisions, we'll give you the support you need.
  • Enforcement of covenants and rules — How a community association enforces its covenants and rules has a huge effect on the satisfaction of homeowners. No matter what the potential rule addresses, our lawyers help you to maintain standards in an appropriate manner.
  • Maintenance and assessment collections — Securing dues and other necessary funds frequently presents a challenge to governing boards, even when the amounts are not very high. In these situations, we advise on procedures and legal actions, such as liens, that can be employed to obtain required payments.
  • Foreclosures — If your association believes that foreclosure is necessary to collect funds from a homeowner, we'll detail the necessary steps and guide you through the process.

The firm has effectively resolved claims through settlement, during mediation and, when necessary, at trial. To help you obtain guidance from a real estate lawyer who knows community association laws, we offer a free consultation.

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Franson | Iseley | Fugitt advocates for governing boards, management companies, and condominium and co-op leadership in matters involving community associations.  Please call 904-396-1800 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is in Jacksonville on Prudential Drive.

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