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Construction Defect Claims

Proven Jacksonville Litigators Handle Construction Defect Claims

Insightful Florida firm represents clients in negligence and contract cases

Disputes over alleged construction defects can sometimes seem impossible to resolve. Only an experienced construction litigator can blend legal and industry knowledge to give you a thorough assessment of liability and damage issues. At Franson | Iseley | Fugitt in Jacksonville, we are accomplished board-certified construction lawyers who evaluate defect claims thoroughly and advocate for a wide range of Florida clients in these matters. We represent property owners, condominium associations, design professionals, home builders, contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, sureties, and insurers and their insureds throughout the state. Whether you believe that the work you had done was completed in a faulty manner or you have been accused of failing to take reasonable precautions for a project, we'll assert your rights in whatever legal forum works best.

Thorough attorneys seek to resolve disputes over workmanship

Various types of legal actions can arise from purported construction defects. Our firm handles negligence, breach of contract, fraud and strict liability claims relating to:

  • Errors and omissions — If a builder, developer, contractor or design professional does not perform an agreed-upon task or an error occurs, our firm assesses the damage and pursues appropriate remedies or defenses.
  • Inadequate work quality — Determining whether questionable construction work justifies legal relief can be tricky. With more than 50 years of combined legal experience, our board-certified construction law attorneys will give you knowledgeable advice so you can make informed choices about what to do.
  • Defective materials — No matter how sound a design might be, using shoddy materials can ruin a job. We conduct a thorough review to determine if manufacturers, sellers or contractors bear legal liability when materials don't work as they should.
  • Failure to adjust to site conditions — Poor soil, potential flooding and various other site conditions must be considered during building and repair projects. What works in one location might be wholly inappropriate just a short distance away. If a contractor or developer is accused of failing to take proper measures to prevent a problem, we'll help you take action.

Starting with a free initial consultation, our firm will guide you through every stage of a construction defect action, whether you believe that you've been victimized or you are defending against a charge of substandard performance.

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Franson | Iseley | Fugitt represents Florida clients in cases arising from alleged construction defects and other legal matters. Please call 904-396-1800 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Jacksonville office on Prudential Drive.

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